Consigner – FAQ

What is a Children’s Consignment Sale?
A children’s consignment sale is a win/win for everyone.  As a consignor, you can make room in your home by selling things your children have outgrown and earn some extra money!  As a consumer, it is a fantastic opportunity to find tons of great deals on either new or “Like New” brand name merchandise at amazing prices!

Our sale is organized like a retail store.  No headaches of a traditional yard sale.  No waiting around for interested buyers, no worrying about advertising, and no hassle of negotiating prices.  The best part about being a consignor is you don’t have to be present to sell your items!  We sell the items on your behalf and handle everything!

How do I register to consign?
It’s easy.  If you would like to register for the upcoming sale, CLICK HERE.

How much can I earn?
All consignors have the opportunity to earn up to 80%!  All consignors will earn 70% of their sales automatically.  As a volunteer, you can earn more!  CLICK HERE to find out how!

Is there a registration fee?
Yes, there is a $12 participation fee for all consignors.

Is there a minimum number of items I need to bring?
Yes.  All registered consignors must bring a minimum of 35 quality items to the sale.

Are there any limits on the number of items a seller can consign?
A maximum of 40 hangers per gender sizes 0-12 months will be enforced.  More than one clothing item will be permitted on the hanger.  There will not be any limits for sizes 18 months and larger.

What is 1/2 price day?
Half price day is a great opportunity to sell some last minute items to shoppers who are looking for a great deal.  If you choose, your items will be sold on the last day at ½ the price on the tag.  If the item says No Discount, then it is not discounted.  Otherwise it is sold for half price during designated half price times.

Do I have to pick up my unsold items?
No.  You have the option to pick up your unsold items or you can choose to donate them to charity.  Any items left at the sale after the close of Pick Up will be donated.

What kind of security is in place?
Our location is monitored by 24 hour surveillance.  But the best way to help prevent theft is by having volunteers on the floor.

Can I get a tax receipt for any unsold items donated to charity?
Unfortunately, Lemonade Stand Sale can not provide tax receipts for any unsold items that are donated.  We CAN provide the names and tax IDs for all participating charities.

Can I track my daily sales?
Yes.  You track your daily sales through MySalesManager.

Do I need an appointment to drop off my items?
Yes.  Your drop off appointment will be scheduled through MySalesManager.

Is there a deadline to enter your items into the consignor software?          Yes.  All consignors will be notified by email when all of the items need to be input into the software.  This will allow us to properly configure the space for a great shopping experience. (Spring/Summer 2018: Wednesday, April 11, 2018)

When do consignors get paid for their sold items?
Consignor checks are mailed within 2 weeks from the end of the sale.