Prep, Enter, Tag, Drop Off Detail Guide


Gather all items desired to sell in sale.  Please make sure items are season appropriate. Check over all clothing items for stains/holes or any wear.  Count pieces to puzzles, make sure toys work and have working batteries. Wash any items that require washing. Clean toys.  Organize items into size/gender/type for your ease and organization. This helps for entering, tagging, and dropping off! Combine small items into zip lock bags if applicable.


Enter items into the sales manager online.

Login using consigner number and password.
Pictured below is the homepage.  When you login to the sales manager, you will automatically see this page. Login>myhomepage

To navigate the sales manager and work with consigned inventory/enter items: Activities Menu>work with consigned inventory>Active Inventory, (Choose applicable site)

Enter Items into sales manager first by selecting a category (see example).
Choose Category/enter size/description (there are two lines for this), price (min. is $2), quantity (only applies if there are more than one of the same exact item), Check to Discount or Donate. Submit

You can work with inventory, edit items, and various tasks on this page.


There are options to print all tags all at once, for ease, or select which tags to print.

Print Tags (on cardstock paper)
Cut out tags
Secure tags to items

Toys/Games: Use packing tape, ribbon, string, etc. to fasten tag.
DO NOT TAPE OVER BARCODE ON TAG or it will not scan!

Clothing: Tagging gun should be your first choice for securing tags to clothing( Shirts place barb in right armpit area and  Pants place barb in top right area), however safety pins can be used to tag in the upper right. For extra security, place a piece of tape over where tag is fastened to garment.)

NOTE:  Safety pins can leave holes in your clothing.

All clothing items must be secured on wire hangers.

With the hanger hook pointing to the left, place tag on the right side of the garment.

Clothing items MUST BE hung in the hanger through the neck and arms.  No more than 2 items per hanger unless a multi-piece set.

Pants: Do not attach more than 2 pairs of pants to one hanger (they will fall off). Use large safety or tagging gun and secure top of pants to hanger; do not fold pants over the hanger. See picture below.

Outfits: Hang top piece on hanger with hook to the left. Flip over and attach second piece to the back. See picture below.

Tagging Gun: When using a tagging gun, place barb in the garment label. If there is no label, place barb in the right seam to avoid putting a hole in the clothes.

*You can purchase a tagging gun on Amazon

Safety Pins: Place the safety pin horizontally in the space allotted on the tag. Make sure the pin is secure. It is recommended to place a piece of tape over each pin.

Retrieve your inventory report (see below), by item number, and print and bring two copies to the sale. There may be a $5 fee if you do not bring a inventory report to drop off.

Arrive at your drop-off appointment, and bring a copy of your seller report inside.  Bring in one item to check in, and to check scanning.

Once checked in, proceed to a line to check in all items.  All items will be checked in by a volunteer.  Provide the other copy of your inventory report to the volunteer.  Clothing will be inspected for quality/season/etc.  Once items are checked in, you will proceed to the sales floor to put away your items by category/size/etc.

Tagging Reminders:
*All items must be tagged and hung on hangers, were applicable, BEFORE you arrive at your drop off appointment.
* All tags must be crisp and clear with no fuzzy lines and printed with black ink on non-colored (white, off white or tan) 65 lb. card stock or coverstock
* Do not place packaging tape over barcode on tag.
* Do not place packaging tape on decals.
* Do not put a hole in item when using a tagging gun – use tagging gun on a seam.
* Make sure items with multiple pieces are tightly secured together.
* Make sure all clothing items are in great condition!  No stains, rips, holes, etc.
* Make sure all items have all of their pieces (including toys, games, puzzles).
Tagging Supplies:
Metal Hangers
Zip Ties
Card Stock or Cover Stock (65lb or higher)
Ziploc bags
Packaging Tape
Tagging Gun/Barbs or Safety Pins
As you are entering descriptions, remember to use abbreviations like NWT (New With Tags) AND to make sure you include as much descriptive information as will fit.  If a tag becomes separated from an item, we use these descriptions to try and find the items and attach the tag.


Tagging Guidelines:

Clothing Items
  1. Make sure hanger opens to the left (like a question mark)
  2. Pants/Skirts must be pinned to the angled top part of the hanger
  3. Consider using zip ties to attach items when applicable.
  4. Remember our 40 item limit per gender through size 12 months.  No limit on size 18 months and up.
  5. Consider a unique identifier on your hanger to make pickup of unsold items easier (ie: ribbon tied to top, unique tape around top)
  6. Tag must be either attached with a tagging gun (secure tag either in right armpit of garment or through neck tag) or safety pinned to upper right of garment.
  1. All shoes must be zip tied together.  Tag should have a hole punched and run through zip tie, before closing
  2. Do not use a plastic bag for shoes unless you are unable to ziptie the shoes together.
  3. There is a 10 pair shoe limit per gender.  This does not include sport cleats or rain/winter boots.
  4. NO WET SHOES!  Make sure you clean them and give them time to dry.
  1. Make sure the item has ALL pieces.
  2. Secure any loose items in a plastic bag.  Bag must be secured to toy with either a zip tie or packaging tape.  I suggest listing your consignor number on the bag.
  3. Do not place barcode tag on decals.
  4. Make sure all toys that require batteries, have batteries and work.  There will be a $5 fee if we need to add working batteries.
  1. Single books – secure tag to back cover.
  2. Bundles of books – place in Ziploc bag and seal, or secure with strong twine or present curling ribbon.  Secure tag to cover.  Include a list of books, if the titles can not be read on the spine of the book.
Puzzles & Games
  1. Make sure all pieces are included
  2. Tape sides of box to seal package shut.  Adhere tag to outside of package.
  3. If selling a board puzzle (without a box), put the puzzle in a Ziploc bag and seal shut.  If it’s large, you may need to use two bags. If you prefer to wrap the puzzle, put together on the board, in plastic wrap, make sure the wrap is tightly secured so no pieces fall out.
Big Items  
  1. Big item claim tickets will be available at drop off.  When you get to the sale, you will fill out the big item claim ticket and put your barcoded tag on the ticket.  
  2. A big item is considered anything large/bulky. 
  1. Secure socks in Ziploc bags and attach tag to outside.
  2. If selling a single hat, attach tag to item.
  3. Tags can be secured to the item or secured to the outside of a bag. Just make sure the tag is secure and will not come off the item.