New Parent Presale

The Lemonade Stand Sale welcomes new parents to register to shop the pre sale on the Friday before the sale opens.  The new parent must meet the below criteria to be eligible to register for the pre sale pass.

  • Is pregnant with a new child, or has had a new child within the last 18 months.
  • Can only register for a total of two sales within an 18 month period, one registration for each season

New pre-sale parent registration is currently open.   There are a limited number of registrations available per sale and are offered by a first come first serve basis.  The registration pass will be emailed to the registrant, this pass will serve as a ticket.  Each pass allows the registrant and one guest to enter the sale.

There is no fee for the registration – and in order to keep this fair for all, we request that all who register please meet the criteria outlined above. Similar registrations using similar e-mail addresses will be denied.

Thank You and Happy Shopping!